Crystal Nielson

I believe that death can leave behind many sacred gifts and leaves a lasting impression on the living. I am honored to walk along those in transition and their family to help navigate and alleviate many fears and anxieties around death.

One of the most impactful things to ever happen to me in my life, was walking along side a very close friend through her illness and her transition. I feel that everyone deserves love, support and comfort during this time. Not just the person embarking on their next journey, but especially those loved ones who stay behind. I believe that a death experience can be beautiful. Because I have such a great respect for life, it is a true honor to walk alongside someone during this most sacred time.

When I was a child I often visited an elderly woman who lived alone with her cats. I would visit her for hours, as she drifted in and out of sleep while I’d play with her cats. We were dear friends for many years. This is where I realized my amazing gift and special connection with animals. Because of this my careers have always encompassed ways to serve people and animals. I have worked in birth centers, hospitals, and vet clinics most of my life. I found it so natural to love unconditionally, and truly love all living things. This has also made it possible for me to work with families with loss around pets.

I feel that my journey and life purpose is to walk alongside people on their life journey. Wherever they are in this life cycle. Enabling them to live the best lives possible, and when it’s time, leave this life with dignity and grace.

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