Rachelle Rocky Lavoie

Salt Lake City native, Rachelle “Rocky” Lavoie, has been passionate about the healing arts and music since she was a small child. She loves coaching others to optimize their human potential through nutrition/movement/mindfulness therapies, and helping others to become their best & most authentic selves. Becoming a death doula is her most recent & most exciting endeavor yet!

She tells freestyle stories through music & weaves it into her specialty yoga classes, Wild Flow and Yoga Fo’Shoga. Seeing the radical transformation in others that when they have boldly stepped forward into unknown territory is one of the most humbling things to witness… Together we transmute, transform, and reach new heights!

She is a proud single mama to the coolest kid ever. She infuses reiki energy work into just about everything she offers, and is forever a student of shamanic energy work. She loves walking barefoot in the grass, farmers markets, the fresh smell of healthy soil, headstands, and hugs that last at least 20 seconds. She absolutely cannot wait to connect with you!”