Tari Turnbow

Tari Turnbow was born and raised in Bismarck, ND. Having always experienced immense empathy and a deep desire to help those suffering and less fortunate, she found her calling in the profession of nursing. Graduating Cum Laude from MedCenter One College of Nursing in 2001 she began her journey of healing in an ICU at a local hospital.  In 2002 her young family moved to Salt Lake City.  She was awed by the pure and natural beauty of the area.  She began working in the Medical & Cardiac ICU at the University of Utah where she was exposed to a great deal of illness, suffering, and death. She began to feel pulled to request assignment to dying patients.  She felt confident she could create a calm, comfortable, and peaceful space for her patient and their family members even in the noisy and often chaotic environment of the ICU.  She held a calm and confident energetic, emotional, and physical space for countless families as they held bedside vigil for their loved ones.

Because death is an unavoidable part of life Tari looks forward to assisting clients and family members in finding peace and comfort during the dying process. Because the medical system can be daunting and confusing, she is also happy to assist in working with and communicating with a medical / home health or hospice service if needed.

Tari volunteers for House of Heart, helping to create a safe and nurturing space for women who are suffering, to heal by assisting in guiding them through their painful pasts and showing them how to live in the present. She also assists in facilitating healing and connection with Connected Healing Group who meets weekly.  She continues to work in nursing at the University of Utah.

She would love to assist you or your loved one in finding peace and comfort in the process of transitioning out of this world.

If you would like to set up a time to meet and chat please email me at ledpidolitesky@gmail.com