"You are an important healing angel in my life transition.
You are a special death doula, and are allowed to visit anytime. I should just give you a house key for your convenience."

Janet Gray

"Jude higgins served as our death doula for our mother. She was kind, considerate, available, and instructive to my sister and me as our mother, at 95 years of age, went through the final stages of dying. Jude was compassionate, caring, and helpful to our mother and to both of us."

Bonnie Chapman and Mary Huck

"Your visits always boost my spirits. You're an angel."

Lyle M.

"Jude Higgins brings the sacred back to death. From her anthropological studies of cultures all over the world she has a deep respect for all cultures and honors the rich traditions that each of her clients wish to experience. There is no one else I will bring my family to when the time comes for their transition from this world to the next.
Her certification program for the training of end of life doulas, is more organized and well thought out than other programs I have researched. She is certified and teaches classes in communication techniques that help death doulas feel confident and nurturing with their clients. Yet she also brings the element of the sacredness to the work that you just do not find enough in this field. She gives her students permission to dive into why they chose this calling and how they can answer the call to make this experience special for their clients. Partnered with Lindsey O’Brien, who brings the medical aspects to the training, this course is the absolute best for a full education on all that is needed to walk into this field with confidence and integrity!
I highly recommend their course to anyone who is seeking a detailed and meaningful training in end of life work!”

Tatiana Wild

"Jude was a good friend of Janet’s and was part of the care team. We would have been lost without her. Her compassion and love was so comforting. She is now family."

Nancy Muse Lewis